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While reading a copy of “The Chorister” a church

musician periodical) recently, I came across an

article written by Brian Hehn.  He gave four functions

for the church choir.  They included:


1) The church choir leads and enlivens the congregation in song. 

2) The church choir sings music that many in the congregation cannot sing,

3) The church choir serves as a small-group within the church for faith formation

4) The church choir sings beautiful and challenging music to praise God and edify the congregation.


I started thinking about our mission at Roberta.  We spend a lot of time together between Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings.  Most of this is working hard to prepare for our services.  Some of it is having fun and caring for each other and supporting each other.  We have been known to shut rehearsal down right in the middle of practice for several minutes to offer prayer for an urgent need of some kind.  So I will have to say that the group you see before you each week is a group who loves the Lord, loves what they do and tries hard to bring you our best. We want you to experience the spirit of God in what we do. We want you to experience that “holy moment”. We want you to meet Jesus through what we sing and do. We are an imperfect people however, and things do sometimes go awry. But God loves us and accepts us. He expects us to get back up and try again. And we do. We would love to have you come sing with us. You are welcome. You do not have to be a perfect musician to join us. Come give us a try.    

Sharon Wooten

Choir Director / Accompanist


Adult Worship Choir practice

Wednesdays at 7:00 - 8:00 PM  (no practices in July)

Adult Worship Choir


Joyful Noise

Children's Choir

Summer is behind us and we are once again practicing!  We practice from 4:00 until 4:45 on the first and third Sundays of the month in the Welcome Center.  We welcome any child, boy or girl ages 2 (with an adult) and up.  Our little ones learn the music by us singing it with them over and over, until they are old enough to read.  Please if you have a little person in your home that enjoys singing, consider joining us!  We bring so much happiness to those that listen to our little choir and you just never know what some of them will do!  We will be singing again soon, as soon as we can get them all in town!

Lord, Listen to YOUR Children Singing!

Mrs. Patsy and Ms. Shari


Roberta Ringers


Roberta Ringers is a handbell group playing 2 octaves of handbells.  They meet each Sunday following the 10:00 service.   During the Fall season, they prepare to play for Christmas. They have a short Christmas break and meet again starting in January for the spring season. They break for the summer. They play other times as often as they have a piece ready to perform. 

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