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Dressings & Blessings Clothing Ministry

Dressings and Blessings BAG SALE!!! 

Saturday October 21, 2017 … 9:00 - Noon

We are closing our clothing ministry of gently used clothing.  We are opening our closet up to anyone who would like a deal on clothing!  We are selling everything!  Clothing, Shoes, Coats, Shelves and Racks….. (Shelves and Racks only after we have them emptied)

Our bag sale goes like this…

1 (one) 15 Gallon Trash bag is        $3.00

2 (two) 15 Gallon Trash Bags are   $5.00



3925 Cochran Road

Concord, NC  28027

704 786-9215

                           Dressings & Blessings Clothing Ministry is Now Permanently Closed.

It is with great sadness that we have decided to close our Dressings and Blessings Clothing Ministry.  Our client numbers have fallen off during the past several years, or clients are making appointments and not showing.  Since we are currently between seasons, and in the process of packing up summer, it was a good time to bring this issue before our church counsel and get a decision as to whether we should remain open or to accept that maybe we have fulfilled our mission. 


That said, we will not be seeing any more clients.  Nor will we be accepting clothing donations.  We will be donating our massive clothing stock to another clothing ministry, or an organization that will freely give clothing to people in need.  We do not have an answer yet as to where the clothing will be going. 

We were blessed in so many ways by our clients and can only believe that we blessed them.  We will miss our fellowship and seeing our regular folks that came in to get clothing.  Some really became like family.  May God’s many blessings continue to surround all our faithful workers and my heartfelt thanks for all the hours that have been put into making Roberta’s Dressings and Blessings Ministry one of the best!

Shari Hanson

Chair, Dressings & Blessings Clothing Ministry

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